Sharjah Anthology

Contemporary Arabic Fiction: Anthology

To celebrate Sharjah World Book Capital 2019 and this important Arabic and world achievement, Sharjah will publish a contemporary Arabic fiction anthology. The book aims to give Arab writers around the world an opportunity to be the new voices of modern Arabic Literature. Highlighting emerging literary names in the Arabic cultural scene, the book will feature short stories and poetry. Accordingly, all writers are invited to apply for an opportunity to be part of the anthology. Nominees from each Arab country will be presented to a panel of selected critics from these countries.


  • Writer must be of Arab descent.
  • Writer must be born in 1980 or thereafter.
  • Work must be in standard Arabic.
  • Writer should have at least one published book

How to participate?

The full application must be submitted in one email with the following:

  • The writer’s triple name and home country as email subject line (e.g. Saad Ahmed Alali-Bahrain).
  • The file containing the literary work must be saved as: MS Word format, font size 14, font Arial, and have a maximum word count of 5,000
  • A brief biography about the writer including date and place of birth; place of residence; occupation; literary publications; awards and nominations.
  • A synopsis about the writer (date and place of birth, occupation and residence, literary publications, awards and nominations).
  • A high-resolution professional photo fit for publication.
  • Passport and residency copy (where applicable).

All applications must be submitted by 30th of November 2019 to:

The writer will be notified by email when submission has been received
and if they have been selected for inclusion in the book.

By sending the email to participate in Sharjah Contemporary Arabic Fiction Anthology, the writer authorizes “Sharjah World Book Capital 2019” team to use the sent files for the purposes of the anthology through publishing and printing as they deem appropriate, according to recognized principles in literary festivals and the book industry, with reference to the writer and maintaining the writer’s literary rights.