What to Expect at the Sharjah World Book Capital 2019

We aim to set a new benchmark for future World Book Capital cities. Our yearlong program will be rich with activities and events that suit all interests, ages, and communities and fall under our six guiding themes


    Sharjah is known for its diversity, boasting a wealth of readers and intellectuals from various linguistic backgrounds and hundreds of nationalities. We aim to celebrate these cultures during the Sharjah World Book Capital by creating events and activities that not only cater to various sub-communities, but also encourage cross cultural understanding and harmony.


    We want to breed an innate love for reading in our communities. That is why we have created a series of activities and events (for different age groups and interests) that will instil the importance of reading in peoples’ minds, make books easily accessible, and turn reading into a fun and rewarding hobby.


    For the love of our ancestors, our history, and our way of life — we will tell the stories of our past to our new generation and to those who do not know us. So that they can understand our culture, benefit from our rich knowledge and scientific discoveries, and build upon what we have already created.


    Children are our future. They can build our nations and break down cultural barriers through understanding. That is why we have prepared a myriad of programs specially design for children and the youth to encourage a culture of reading and a thirst for knowledge. We aim to empower them so that they are able to achieve their own — and their nation’s — aspirations and goals.


    We aim to cultivate a nation that is not only tolerant of underrepresented communities, but is inclusive of them. Through knowledge and awareness, we can support and empower all communities and help them become valuable contributors to society. That is why we are preparing social campaigns and initiatives to boost community support of struggling members including refugees, the disabled, and the visually impaired, to name a few.


    Books are magical. They not only transform minds, but they develop nations both socially and economically. There is an entire ecosystem that works in sync to produce a book — from researchers and writers, to publishers and distributors. We have designed an array of conferences, workshops, and activities that will empower each segment; our goal is to strengthen and develop industries, create new jobs, develop our economy and make Sharjah a publication city that can compete in the international market.

Get ready for an exciting year ahead and be sure to visit this page as we update our calendar and events!